More than a Brand we’re a Farmer.
  • Full Logo design
  • Brochure design
  • Mango soap packaging design
  • Groundnut oil packaging design
  • Kesar mango pulp Packaging & mock up design

Heaven is sustainable and localcompany based out of Junagadh, India. We needed a full brand identity design as well as brand messaging that would help make them stand out in the crowded beverage marketplace. The concept behind the brand become this idea that our products are sustainable as our sustainable farming process.

As a co-founder of Heaven Foods and Beverages, I created a live brief for our upcoming product “Kesar Mango Pulp”. The Brief includes a Re-branding, packaging and mock-up design. (To find out more, visit www.heavenmango.com)

Engaging in the Heaven Mango Pulp project has been an enriching experience, contributing to both personal and professional growth. It honed my project management skills, particularly in coordinating various aspects of product development and design. Additionally, it enhanced my understanding of the importance of brand consistency and consumer-centric design in creating successful products.

This project was a journey of creativity, strategic thinking, and meticulous execution. The final mock-up design not only captured the essence of the Heaven brand but also met the practical needs of the product, promising a delightful consumer experience. This project reinforced the importance of a cohesive brand identity, the power of thoughtful design, and the impact of strategic market positioning.

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